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Infrared cabin "Luis Trenker"

Unsere Our Alpine Flair
Especially after long, extensive mountain hikes and breakneck descents on skis, Luis Trenker found peace and relaxation in his "little heat chamber" and appreciated its positive effect on his body, mind and soul.

Evoking this "healthy tradition", Physiotherm now presents the ERGO BALANCE 2 deluxe infrared cabin in the LUIS TRENKER SPECIAL EDITION.
In its details, it is a little like Luis Trenker himself: straightforward, Tyrolean and robust.

Physiotherm low-temperature infrared technology
The special low-temperature infrared technology guarantees healthy perspiration at temperatures as low as 30ºC without placing any strain on the cardiovascular system.
As a result there is a positive impact on muscle tension and back pain, the immune system can be strengthened, the blood supply increased and the metabolism improved.